When a Landslide Triggers a Tsunami

Every so often in nature, a catastrophe occurs that then leads to another and another, which is just what happened when a landslide in the mountains of British Columbia led to an outburst flood that then led to an underwater avalanche in the ocean far below. A team of researchers in British Columbia are worried we might see more of these hazards cascades in the future as climate change advances, so they are using a toolbox of tech to search the wreckage of the Elliot Creek hazards cascade to unearth new clues about what caused this catastrophic series of events and how often they might occur in the future.

This episode is part of our series Bare Earth, where we set out to see what the bare-earth landscapes of our coast will reveal when seen from above—way, way above.

Published on Hakai.org in Fall 2022. Producer, editor, narrator.


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