Hidden Cove Media is the collective work by visual storyteller and freelance journalist Katrina Pyne —currently working as producer/editor/videographer at the Hakai Institute (and Hakai Magazine) out of their waterfront office in sunny Victoria, B.C.!

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Katrina Pyne has written and produced content for a wide variety of publications including Canadian Geographic, Explore, The Inertia, Gripped, Fly Fusion, Maclean’s, Halifax Magazine and Rapid Magazine. After four years of J-School at the University of King’s College where Katrina served as Editor-in-Chief of the Dalhousie Gazette for volume 145, she went on to intern at the Globe and Mail and work in newsrooms at both Global News and the CBC before settling into a career in visual storytelling.

For quotes and availability, just contact kat.pyne@gmail.com.