The Sound Aquatic episode 5

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The anthropause has shown us that we’re too noisy for the ocean’s animals.

Published in Hakai Magazine. Summer 2021. Producer, editor.

By now, we know the ocean is anything but silent. Fish grunt, whales moan, reefs roar with the deafening sound of snapping shrimp, and even natural sounds like waves and rain can be heard throughout the ocean. But people have taken it to the next (decibel) level, with global shipping, oil and gas rigs and exploration, sonar, and fishing and recreational boats. Can we learn to be good neighbors and turn the noise down? On this final episode of The Sound Aquatic, we try to find out.

Click on link below to listen to all five episodes and see full show notes.

The Sound Aquatic podcast, episode 5

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