The Sound Aquatic episode 2

How Not to Get Lost in the Ocean

Marine animals that navigate through whispers, songs, grunts, or clicks.

Published in Hakai Magazine. Summer 2021. Producer, editor.

Sound travels far underwater. And it travels fast, too—about four and a half times faster than it does through air. So it’s no wonder animals use sound to find their way around. Imagine being able to “see” your way through pitch black depths just by listening to the waves, other creatures, or even ambient noise, such as mudslides; or being able to make clicks and use their echoes to build a picture of the space around you.

In this episode, we look at how marine animals from whales to fish (and even tiny fish larvae) use sound to navigate their world, using it for everything from finding a good place to call home to the next bite to eat.

Click on link below to listen to all five episodes and see full show notes.

The Sound Aquatic podcast, episode 2

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